Joseph’s Hope

The path God chose for us has been, and in many ways continues to be a difficult journey.  There were times when God felt far away, and there are lots of things we still don’t understand, but we know that God has always been actively working “behind the scenes,” as it were, much like in the Old Testament account of Joseph.  As we look toward the future, it is with great hope that God will use the journey of our lives to bring glory to Himself.  In order to remind ourselves of God’s goodness and to memorialize our twins we were never able to meet, we named them Joseph and Hope.

This page does not have an overwhelming amount of information, but it contains the resources that we are most often asked when we speak or counsel couples.  If you have specific questions, we are more than happy to answer your emails!  Ginger blogs (very) periodically about her journey at The Sparrow Still Falls.





October 15, 2015

I didn’t know there was a special day for this because I think about our twins, Joseph and Hope, every single day. Mourning and grieving with so many others today. #October 15 #TheSparrowStillFalls #AnticipatingHeaven 

preg loss

October 15, 2015

i am the face